Certified Valuation

The Certified Appraisal product is the highest standard of any business valuation service. Our designated CVA specialist provides a proven process that is governed by the NACVA. It is recommended for the following:

  • Size: Generally speaking, the CVA adequately services companies with historical revenues over $2MM
  • Complexity: The Certified Business Valuation is specifically designed to address every element of business complexity through NACVA best practices. The result is a valuation widely accepted by most court proceedings, buy-sell arrangements, and the Small Business Administration (SBA).
  • Timing: If the triggering event is within a foreseeable 12 to 36 months and strategic planning is needed

Certified Appraisal Results

  • Adjusted Earnings Recast
  • Industry Specific Sales Comparisons
  • Transaction Sale Comparisons
  • Multi-Model Approach
  • NACVA Aligned Practices
  • Court Procedure Qualified
  • SBA Qualified

The Market Assessment is a complimentary product that is available to business owners who are currently considering a sale of their company. The valuation approach to any business is not a linear process. The above-mentioned considerations are designed to simply outline the variables associated with performing a business valuation. Please contact our offices for more information.