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Finding the right business to purchase at the right time can be a challenging process. Premier Business Brokers’ proprietary “Off-Market” search program was developed to provide buyers with the highest level of success within the acquisition process.

Considerations when identifying your acquisition:

  • What type of industry is preferred?
  • Is revenue size important?
  • What level of earnings does the business need to produce upon acquisition?
  • Is location a factor?
  • What type of existing management requirements are necessary?

Once you’ve established these primary elements, the next phase of review begins:

  • How will you locate and target opportunities?
  • What is the best modality for initial contact?
  • How will the non-disclosure process be handled?
  • What items should you request to better evaluate the opportunity?
  • How do you configure and submit offers?
  • What does the closing process entail?

Buying a business is too significant of a decision to entrust to the wrong advisors. Identifying your criteria, having multiple options to choose from, and utilizing the professional guidance of an experienced firm can help you achieve your objective. Premier’s “Off-Market” services to current and future business owners allow individuals, strategic, and financial buyers to make their best decision possible.

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