Ready for Exit Report

Private business owners are the lifeblood of a strong economy: Their businesses employ the largest share of people, and their successes have deeply important impacts on their communities. As an owner, you deserve a business exit that reflects the successes you’ve brought to others. That’s why our mission is to make sure that you don’t leave those successes at the office.

Premier Business Brokers are amongst the highest regarded Exit Planning network in North America—our firm uses a systematic process that is universal in its practice but unique in its outcomes. Simply put, the Readiness Report works because it centers on your goals, your situation, and your needs. We have used this process for businesses of various sizes, scopes, and industries allowing owners who implement the Readiness Report to exit their businesses on their terms.

We include a comprehensive report on the following:

  • General Company Information
  • Business Valuation (CVA)
  • Identification and Notice of Trusted Advisors
  • Initiation of Pre-Sale Tax Planning
  • Determination of Preferred Sale Terms
  • Solidification of First Contacts & Actions
  • Refinement of Exiting Arrangements (included but not limited to; salary continuation plan, buy-sell agreement, estate planning documentation, letters to heirs)
  • Important Customer & Vendor List
  • Key Employee & Management Planning
  • Review of Personal Guarantee (loans & leases)
  • Bank Account Identification
  • Siting Insurance (business, life, health)
  • Potential Purchaser Profile
  • Real Estate Report (if included in sale)

The Market Assessment is a complimentary product that is available to business owners who are currently considering a sale of their company. The valuation approach to any business is not a linear process. The above-mentioned considerations are designed to simply outline the variables associated with performing a business valuation. Please contact our offices for more information.